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Java Applets are very popular nowadays due to their excellent cross-browser and cross-platform compatibilities. All the major browsers provide support for Java Applets.

bullet  ColorPicker  View  Download

ColorPicker provides an intuitive graphical interface to display the hexadecimal code of the color selected by the user.


bullet  NavBar Deluxe NE  View  Download

NavBar Deluxe NE is a popular award-winning applet. It provides a sleek and intuitive menu bar interface with many features.


bullet  NavMenu Pro NE  View  Download

A compact vertical navigation menu that supports multiple level of sub-menus. It occupies an allocated area on your web page and an internal scrollbar appears when the menu items exceed the display area.


bullet  NavWinButton  View  Download

NavWinButton is a versatile navigation applet that can be configured as a horizontal or vertical menu. The popup menus can display over Flash animation, frames, form and HTML content.


bullet  NavPackage  View  Download

NavPackage packs the following applets in one convenient download:


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