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We offer a wide range of freeware and commercial DHTML and JavaScript products to meet all your web-site building needs, including web menus, scrollers, form validation, calendars and nifty popups.

The advantage of DHTML/JavaScript is that your users do not need to install any additional plug-ins to view your website.

bullet  AceMenu  View  Download

Versatile web menu builder that can be configured as a horizontal menu bar, vertical menu, static or floating menu and image menu. Build, integrate and deploy web menus quickly and easily.


bullet  AJMenu  View  Download

No-frills web menu builder that can be configured as a horizontal menu bar and vertical menu. No programming knowledge required.


bullet  AJScroller  View  Download

Dynamic and versatile DHTML scroller that can be configured to scroll vertically or horizontally. You can run multiple scrollers on the same page, with full dynamic control over each scroller. Full HTML syntax is supported, which means you can add images, format and align text quickly and easily.


bullet  AceCalendar  View  Download

Nifty JavaScript calendar and date picker that can be integrated seamlessly into your forms so that visitors can fill up the fields of your forms easily, quickly and accurately.


bullet  ActivateAX  View  Download

ActivateAX is a JavaScript that provides a quick and convenient solution to the "Click to activate and use this control" issue in IE 6 and IE7.


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Why spend hundreds of hours developing a cross-browser, cross-platform site navigation menu when you can get one frequently maintained at a fraction of the cost?

Create professional DHTML menus quickly and effortlessly! No programming knowledge required. Download our menu builder software!

Build dynamic web sites with our comprehensive collection of web components - scroller, color picker and calendar.

We provide prompt support for our products through our Technical Support and Customer Support Center.

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