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      ACEMenu Creator

Create horizontal menu bars, vertical side menus and image menus with mouse hover effects using the software. The intuitive user interface lets you build and test the menu within minutes!

Visualize the menu structure as a tree in the left column. Click on the menu item to access and modify its attributes.

You can choose to build your menu from a variety of standard configuration or custom user templates.

More than 20 templates are available and additional templates can be created or downloaded.

The menus are extremely configurable. The color, font, border, position and background image can be personalized.

You have absolute control over the configuration of each and every menu item. Define the default setting, and if you wish, you could configure the menu such that every dropdown menu is unique.

As you build the menu, you can preview the menu on-the-fly within the program. The entire design process is fast, convenient and easy.

Preview and test the menu before saving your changes and integrating it into your web site.

Once you have built the menu, you can integrate the menu into your web templates or existing web pages quickly and easily with the Menu Integrator tool.

ACEMenu Creator requires Visual Basic 6.0 SP5 Run-Time Libraries. Please download the run-time libraries and follow the installation instructions if the following dialog message appears when you run the program:
A required DLL, MSVBM60.DLL was not found
download Download ACEMenu Creator (2.5 MB) (Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP)
download Global Mirror Sites: SimTel

Other Downloads

downloadDownload ACEMenu Integrator, an add-in for Microsoft FrontPage that integrates ACEMenu seamlessly into FrontPage web projects (FrontPage XP/2002/2003)

downloadDownload full example and documentation for creating dynamic ACEMenu using Active Server Pages (ASP).


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