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Version: 2.11
Last revised date: 11/15/2003

AJPopup is a versatile and nifty DHTML/JavaScript popup display. It can double as a popup description or navigation popup. AJPopup can be deployed in many different situations. It can be configured as mouseover popups in image maps to display supplementary information or related links. AJPopup can also be added to plain URL anchor links for popup descriptions or additional link options.

A free builder tool is included to let you add, modify and update the popups with minimum fuss.

Popup Builder     AJPopup Examples

The freeware or evaluation version comes with a link to for non-commercial use. The link could be removed by purchasing the menu using our online order form.

download zip file Download the JavaScript files (Examples, documentation and builder tool included)
download pdf documentation View AJPopup documentation
download pdf documentation Evaluate AJPopup Code Builder


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