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Find the solution to your problem by accessing our online resources:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The FAQ section provides a quick answer and solution to the majority of the questions or problems faced by our users. This section  is compiled and updated regularly based on the feedback by the hundreds of thousand of users who download and use our menus and web widgets.

More than 50% of the support requests can be solved immediately by consulting the FAQ. We recommend you look through the FAQ for an instant answer to your question or solution to your problem.


Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains articles providing detailed information on topics related to advanced product features and web design as well as third-party product support. Consult the Knowledge Base if you cannot find the relevant answer to your question in the FAQ section.


Troubleshooting Guide

A list of commonly-encountered error messages and situations is found in the Troubleshooting Guide. Probable causes or error as well as its corresponding solutions are covered in this section.


E-mail Support

Can't find the relevant answer in the FAQ or Knowledge Base? We offer full personalized support to help you solve any problem you may encounter during the use, configuration and integration of our products into your web site. For prompt support, include the following details in your e-mail:

  • If you experience problems when you integrate the menu or widget onto your web site:
    • URL of the specific web page with the problem OR
    • Necessary files compressed in a zip file. Do not send the files without zipping them up because script files are blocked by e-mail software for security reasons
    • Instructions to reproduce the problem, if necessary
    • OS and browser version on which the problem occurs, if applicable


  • If you experience problems installing or using the menu creator software:
    • Project files compressed in a zip file. Do not send the files without zipping them up because script files are blocked by e-mail software for security reasons
    • Any warning or error message
    • Instructions to reproduce the problem
    • OS version

Please click here to send us a support request e-mail.


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We provide prompt support for our products through our Technical Support and Customer Support Center.

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